"I Got Back on Track and I Figured It Out" - A T1D Story

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

The second part of a two-part episode, this PUCKcast dives into the lives of mother, Joanne, and her now 44-year-old son, Mike, and their experiences with Type 1 Diabetes. Mike was diagnosed with T1D in 1982, one month before he turned five. In this finale, Mike discusses his self-induced diabetes setbacks, re-learning the ropes, and coping with diabetes as a teenager, college kid, and adult. Plus he stresses how life-changing emerging technology (and his reluctant but eventual adoption of them) like insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors have made living with diabetes easier and healthier than ever. Mike's mom stresses the importance of finding a good doctor and, of course, listening to your mother!

This series was started as a way to educate all about the often misunderstood Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis and day to day. Join us at our Score for the Cure event on August 14th, 2021 at the Revolution Ice Garden in Warminster, PA for our first of many Hockey Tournaments and Family Fun Day.

CLICK HERE to listen to part two of the episode.

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